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Caltech’s Online Textbook Store

 The Caltech Online Textbook Store is now open for business.  You may visit the store by navigating to


While MBS guarantees availability and competitive pricing, students are free to purchase their books from any vendor they choose, online or otherwise.  Should you wish to purchase from another vendor, you may find a list of all required and optional texts on the Registrar’s website listed under Class Schedules. 


However, if you order from an alternate vendor please ensure that the ISBNs and editions are the same as the ones listed.  Please note that some faculty members continue to add texts until the beginning of instruction.  If one of your classes does not appear on the list, please consult your syllabus or check with your instructor to verify that a textbook will not be required for that class.


All students should purchase their textbooks as early as possible each academic term.  This fall the term begins on October 1st.