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February 22, 2017 12:00 AM

Spring Term Registration

IMSS has moved access.caltech to the cloud.  Until we verify the capacity allowed under this new configuration, we will continue to use a staggered registration period.  Spring term online registration begins on Thursday, February 23.


All students should use the dedicated direct link to register:


Current seniors and juniors may register beginning at 8:00am on Thursday. We request that freshmen and sophomores do not log on to access.caltech until after 8:20am.  At 8:30, freshmen and sophomores may begin registering.  You can confirm your official Year of Study as well as your designated registration period begin time on REGIS by clicking on Course Enrollment.


Please note, as a way to distribute the limited enrollment classes in HSS more evenly, students will be able to pre-register for only 2 limited-seating HSS classes.   Students will also be allowed to enroll in a maximum of 48 units online.  Two classes (Bi 1X & HPS/Pl 138) will be on lottery and students must enter the lottery prior to 8am February 22nd at


Once we have monitored this registration period in the cloud and review any outstanding technological issues, we will work with students and faculty to consider alternative registration strategies.