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REGIS - Caltech's Web Enrollment System

Welcome to REGIS, the Registrarís Information System. All undergraduate and graduate students* will use REGIS to enroll in courses during the registration period and advisers will provide schedule approvals using REGIS. All students may view their unofficial transcripts and request official transcripts online; undergraduates can also run their degree audits and change their catalog years in addition to viewing their Freshman Progress Report during their first year.  Advisers and selected department personnel can view their advisees' unofficial transcripts and degree audits as well.  In addition, instructors and TAs can view Class Roll Sheets and enter Freshman Progress Reports through REGIS. Please note that REGIS is not a replacement for face-to-face meetings between students and advisers.

The Student Affairs Division, Office of the Registrar, and IMSS solicit your suggestions for enhancing web enrollment and other student services as we move forward to utilize technology to provide better service to the Caltech community. Comments and feedback can be sent to

REGIS System Status:


Please note: REGIS is now a single sign-on application under access.caltech.  Please use your IMSS username and password to log on to access.caltech then click on REGIS under the single sign-on applications.

Log on to REGIS

Log on to REGIS through access.caltech with your IMSS username and password.  Call IMSS Help Desk at x3500 (or 626-395-3500 off-campus) Mon-Fri 8-5 if you forgot your username or password.

See system requirements for more information.

We have provided the information below to help acquaint you with the new system. Please read this information before logging on for the first time. This page was last updated on 12/26/2012.

* Non degree seeking students (special graduate students, exchange students, auditors) will not use REGIS to enroll in courses. Please contact the Registrar's office for assistance.


System Requirements

In order to use REGIS, you must meet the following minimum system requirements:


Operating System

Windows 2000, Windows XP (if using Windows XP Service Pack 2, please see this PDF document)




Windows: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (RECOMMENDED), Firefox 3.0 or higher

MacOS X: Safari 3.2 or higher (RECOMMENDED), Firefox 3.0 or higher

Linux: Firefox 3.0 or higher

This application requires scripting, cookies, and web browser popups. These are the default settings for most browsers.


Windows & Linux: 500 MHz Pentium III or higher, 256 MB RAM

Macintosh: 350 MHz G3 or higher, 256 MB RAM

Connectivity & Network

10/100 Ethernet, DSL, or 56K modem

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or greater


Web browser is not in debug mode.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (download here)

All other configurations have not been tested and are not certified to work with REGIS. Use at your own risk. 


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last updated: 12/26/2012