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FA 2021-22 Term Information

Students, please update your LOCAL RESIDENCE ADDRESS with your current residence using My Personal Information in If residing outside the U.S., use TEMPORARY RESIDENCE ADDRESS.

FA 2021-22 Term Important Dates

5/20-6/4 - Registration for fall term 2021-22 without $50 late fee
9/20 - REGIS registration reopens
9/23 - UASH first meeting of fall term
9/27 - Beginning of fall term instruction
10/15 - Add Day
11/8 - Midterm deficiency notices due
11/17 - Drop Day
11/18-12/3 - Registration for winter term 2021-22 without $50 late fee
11/25-26 - Thanksgiving (Institute holiday)
12/3 - Last day of classes
12/8-10 - Final exams
12/10 - End of fall term

see the academic calendar for additional important dates and deadlines

Fall Registration Information for Students

Students may register for courses and make schedule changes starting Monday, September 20 at 8:00am PDT. They are expected to use REGIS for registration changes, and advisors will use it to approve advisees' schedules. There will be online forms for registering for courses with time conflicts as well as requests to audit. See below for further information on the processes.

Important info regarding units

  • A minimum of 36 units is required to be considered a full-time student
  • Undergraduates are allowed to enroll a maximum of 48 units
  • Freshmen
    • May not enroll in more than 45 academic units (classroom and laboratory courses) for their first two terms with the remaining 3 units being non-academic courses: Frontier courses, PE, Performing and Visual Arts (PVA), Student Activities (SA), or research.
    • May not drop any Core class (Ma 1, Ph 1, Ch 1, etc.) without dean or associate dean's permission.
  • Over 48 units is considered an overload for all undergraduates. It requires advisor approval to overload up to 51 units. Students should discuss their desire to take the additional non-academic units with their advisor prior to adding them in REGIS.
  • To overload with more than 51 units, students need to petition the undergraduate dean or associate dean, with the expectation that permission will be granted only in exceptional cases.
  • A chart explaining enrollment limits and overload processes can be found here.


You can view all course reserve material (both required and not required) by checking the "Current Book List" link on the Registrar website under Schedules. It lists all course reserve material that instructors request be placed on reserves at the library.

When Canvas opens, there will be a Course Reserves module that will display course reserve material with links to electronic book copies, selected readings in PDF format, films, information on hard copy books at the library, and anything else instructors place on reserve for their courses.

If electronic copies of course material are available, the library purchases them and makes the links available. Hard copies are placed on reserve at the Sherman Fairchild Library typically for three hour checkout periods. Additional textbook related links are here.

Course Locations and Schedules

Course locations are still being determined and posted. Students may start to see locations appear on their class schedule and the schedule of classes. These assignments may change prior to the start of classes. This may be due to enrollment changes, space availability, and instructor requests. Students should check the location on their schedule in REGIS right before they go to class to ensure they have the most recent offering information and location.

Courses with Time Conflicts

If a student wishes to register for courses with conflicting meeting times, they will need the approval of both instructors and their advisor. Requests should be made through this form starting September 20. It contains detailed instructions, but they will be starting a workflow request. Students will have the opportunity to write notes to the faculty and will be notified by email as it is approved, denied, or processed.

Faculty Specific Course Conflict Information


Auditing is expected to be limited this fall term due to room occupancy limitations and social distancing. If seeking to audit, a student may use this form starting September 20. It may take 2-3 business days before you see the audited course on their Canvas account.


Canvas continues to be the Institute's learning management system and may be used with in-person or remote courses. Not all instructors use Canvas, but they have been asked to post at least a syllabus or website link. Once registered for a course in REGIS, a student should see the course on their Canvas account in about 2 hours.

Advising Expectations and Submitting Schedules

Students are expected to discuss any desired schedule changes with their advisor before making them in REGIS. Advisors will still need to approve final schedules. Students are being trusted to make their own changes in REGIS, and the success of a smooth term will rely heavily on students following advising guidelines.

Students must submit schedules for approval after each day changes are made. They may continue to make changes in REGIS through the below deadlines. To do so, they recall their schedule in REGIS, make the next change, and resubmit the schedule to their advisor.

Enrollment in Limited Seating Courses That Are Full

For courses that are limited seating and at capacity, student will need to have the instructor email their approval to Please note that enrollment flexibility is expected to be limited due to room occupancy limitations and social distancing.