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Online Advising Features

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Advisers can manage their advisee meetings online through REGIS. In order for the Registrar's Office to evaluate whether a student has met their advising requirement for the year, a meeting MUST be recorded for the student. There are several methods to create this meeting record.

Add Advising Notes

Advisers can record meeting notes online through their My Advisees link within REGIS. Please note: the meeting note has a maximum of 2000 characters; for longer notes, please create several notes for the student. By adding a meeting note, any advising hold will be removed and the students' advising requirement for the year will be met.

View Advising Notes

Review any previously entered meeting notes by selecting the View Advising Notes button on your My Advisees tab in REGIS. These notes are not available to the student to view but can be accessed by the option representative and the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Set Advising Hold

If advisers would like to set an advising hold on one of their advisees, preventing them from registering online, they may set a hold online. We ask that you notify the student if you are setting an advising hold as they will only be aware of the hold once they log into REGIS.

Advising Requirement Met

Advisers can simply indicate online that their advisee has met their advising requirement online by selecting the student, or students, and pressing the "Advising Requirement Met" button on their My Advisees tab in REGIS. If a student had an advising hold on their record, this action would remove that hold. Regardless if a hold exists or not, a meeting record will be recorded and the student's advising status for the year will indicate that the requirement has been met.

Paper Advising Meeting Forms

Advisers may alternatively ask their advisees to print out one of the Advising Meeting forms available on this website, sign the form after their meeting, and ask the student to submit the form to the Office of the Registrar.

In addition to advising meeting notes and advising holds, advisers can use REGIS to view class schedules, undergraduate degree audit reports and unofficial transcripts for their advisees.

Undergraduate students can view their advising status online under both the Course Enrollment link and Academic Information link on REGIS.

At the beginning of an academic year, all students advising status will indicate "You have not met with your adviser this year; please schedule a meeting before the start of Spring term."If no record of an advisee meeting is present after Add Day of winter term, students' advising statuses will change to read "Students must meet with their adviser each year. A hold will be placed on your record if you do not schedule a meeting before the start of Spring term."Once the advising requirement is met, the status displays as "You have satisfied your advising requirement for this academic year."If an advising hold is placed on your record, then your status will read "An Advising Hold has been placed on your record. Schedule a meeting with your adviser as soon as possible."

Advising Holds will prohibit you from accessing the Course Enrollment tab in REGIS and will prevent you from registering during an open enrollment period. Make sure to clear any advising hold as soon as possible and well before course registration begins.

Students should also be reviewing their class schedules, degree audit reports and unofficial transcripts through REGIS.