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Term Information for Faculty

Course Conflict Approvals - Online Process

We are bringing back the online approval workflow process to handle student requests to enroll in courses that have a time conflict.

The workflow proceeds as follows:

  1. Student submits a request using an online form, providing details about the conflicting courses.
  2. The faculty email addresses provided by the student are verified against a list of actual instructors and advisers.
  3. If the addresses are valid, approval emails are sent to faculty in parallel to conserve time.
  4. Instructors and advisers use buttons in the email to either approve or deny the request.
  5. If all approvals are given, the request is forwarded to the Registrar's office.
  6. The Registrar processes the request after verifying that it does not violate any other academic policies.

In order to minimize the number of emails sent to you as an instructor or adviser, you will only receive a single approval email per request. You will not be notified whether the request is ultimately approved or denied.

When you press either the Approve or Deny button in the email, this message will appear in your default web browser (with your selected response):

Thank you! Your response "Approve" has been successfully registered.

If, by some mistake, you try to press one of the buttons again, you may receive one of two messages. This one will appear if you try to select a different option:

An error occurred while recording your response. Please try again later!

And this will appear if you select the same option or if the workflow has ended:

The workflow is not in 'Running' state. It was completed or cancelled.

Unfortunately, we are not able to modify these system messages.

It is possible for you to forward the approval emails to someone else and have that person perform the approvals; the system will only record the first response posted.

If you have any questions or comments, please email them to Debi Tuttle at Feedback that we receive about this temporary process will be very useful should we eventually develop a more robust process in REGIS at some time in the future.