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Under FERPA, which of the following would NOT be acceptable:

  1. Release of the title of a congressmen's degree to the local paper.
  2. The Provost having access to all students' educational records.
  3. A faculty member announcing to a class that they can pick up their graded quizzes from the box in the hall outside of their office.

At the college level, FERPA states that parents:

  1. Have the same rights of access and review as their child.
  2. Can only see their child's records after receiving permission from the dean of students.
  3. Can review progress reports and grades sent directly to the student's permanent home address.
  4. None of the above.

True or False? It is permissible for a professor to post student grades on an office door if only the last four digits of a student's social security number are used.

True or False? Student representatives on university committees (e.g., UASH, Curriculum, etc.) may have the right to see other students' education records during the deliberations of that committee.

True or False? Faculty have a right to inspect education records of any student attending Caltech without giving a reason.

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