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Welcome to Caltech

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Hello new students! Please find below documentation to assist you in understanding the enrollment process and the academic program for incoming first-year students here at Caltech.

Course Selection for Incoming First-Year Students

Incoming first-year students will indicate their course preferences for their first term by submitting the Course Selection Survey by June 23rd. Personalized surveys will be emailed to students at their Caltech accounts before the end of May. Typical course schedules and additional details are also available below to assist you in this process.

Based on the results of your diagnostic examination, the Registrar's Office will enroll you in the appropriate section of Mathematics (Ma 1a). You will also be placed in Chemistry (Ch 1a) and Physics (Ph 1a). These are required courses for which you must be enrolled. You may choose a first-year Humanities (first-year hum) course and elective courses including the First-Year Seminar classes. You may also opt to take a "Frontiers" class(es) and/or Physical Education (PE) courses. A list of first-year hums, recommended electives, and First-Year Seminar classes that are offered during the fall term are available within the Selection survey that you will be sent.

First year students cannot enroll in more than 45 units of academic courses (math, chemistry, physics, humanities, and one elective which includes a First-Year Seminar) excluding frontier and PE courses while on Pass/Fail. Typically, first year students are enrolled in a total of 42-45 units in the first term. You may not enroll in more than 48 units. Starting May 10th, you can access the online course schedule for the days and times that the courses are offered for the fall 2023-34 term. The URL for the course schedule is Course descriptions can be found in this year's (2022-23) online Caltech Catalog at The new 2023-24 catalog is expected to be online at the end of August.

After you receive your Caltech account credentials, you can also view course evaluations from past academic years (TQFR - Teaching Quality Feedback Reports).

In August you will receive an email from the Registrar's Office with a copy of your class schedule for fall and further instructions for orientation week. Transfer and 3/2 students will receive a separate email before the end of May.

To begin your enrollment process for fall term, please download and complete the following forms. They need to be physically signed. We ask that you complete and return the forms to the Registrar's Office by July 21st.

Patent Agreement (required)
Student Multimedia Release (optional)

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